Our Grants

Our approach

Under Backing Young People, VFFF provides:

  • Core and capacity building grants to charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) in NSW and QLD.
  • Backing the Future grants to individuals

VFFF exclusively funds under our five year granting strategy Backing Young People, supporting organisations and individuals whose work is focused on young people 15-24. 

VFFF provides core operations and capacity building grants to strengthen organisations and support them to operate more effectively beyond the conclusion of the grant. We especially aim to support organisations through critical times of transition or development.

Core operations grants fund organisational and administrative costs such as salaries and overheads that maintain the everyday operation of an organisation.

Capacity building grants aim to strengthen organisations by investing in core competencies such as strategic or business planning, board development and governance, measurement and evaluation, staff training, leadership development, fundraising, IT and other infrastructure.

VFFF's Backing the Future grants support individuals whose work is focused on rural and regional young people across VFFF's four focus areas. Each year grant rounds will open in both NSW and QLD.

Each year, our aim is that at least 60% of our grants support young people in rural and regional areas.

Who and what we support

VFFF looks to take thoughtful, bold risks on high potential organisations and individuals whose work aligns with our funding outcomes. We like to support organisations and individuals that are forward-looking and ready to take ambitious steps to bring their ideas to fruition. We back new ways of thinking and working and aim to support highly catalytic work.

VFFF seeks to:

  • Strengthen organisations we believe in by funding core operations and capacity building
  • Back individuals to take their ideas to the next level
  • Play the most useful role we can, at critical times of transition or development
  • Support evidence-based approaches to creating change and evaluation of impact
  • Direct funds towards organisations and initiatives that demonstrate clear evidence of demand from the young people they seek to support
  • Prioritise initiatives supporting young people in rural and regional areas
  • Support young people to shape what they want for their future
  • Connect young people with others who have similar goals and support collaborative work

We have four funding areas: Decent Work, Caring for the Environment, Contributing to Society and Exploring Christian Faith and Values.

Application process

VFFF application process 2021

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