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VFFF is pleased to announce that, for five years from 1 July 2021, our granting will focus on Backing Young People. Grant enquiries remain closed as we continue to work through VFFF communications and granting processes. Further information will be available from September 2021.

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Our approach

VFFF makes grants to charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Grants above $50,000 are available for organisations working in NSW. Grants between $20,000 and $50,000 are available for organisations working in NSW or Queensland.

Every grant starts with a conversation with one of our team, to hear about your ideas and learn about your organisation – what you do, how you do it, and what you see as your opportunities and hurdles.

We’ll spend time to understand what you are about and to see if our priorities align. If we don’t see alignment, we’ll let you know. If we are aligned, we will think hard about how our funds could be most impactful to you and try to construct our support around your priorities.

Most of our grants support organisations, rather than projects, so we often fund operational costs, capacity building and infrastructure, especially to enable organisations through critical times of transition or development.

Each year, we aim for 75% of our funds to support core operations and capacity building, and 60% to support work in rural and regional communities.

We encourage you to read the Guidelines and FAQs, and then call us to discuss your ideas.

Who and what we support

VFFF looks to take thoughtful, bold risks on high potential organisations whose work aligns with our funding priorities. We like to support organisations that are forward-looking and ready to take ambitious steps to bring their ideas to fruition. We back new ways of thinking and working and aim to support highly catalytic work. However, we are also willing to support organisations to continue things that work, when it fits with our priorities.

VFFF seeks to:

  • Direct its funds into the grassroots of communities
  • Support local people to drive the changes they want for their communities
  • Connect local people with like-minded others who can support them to achieve their goals
  • Enable communities and organisations to test new approaches to persistent issues
  • Make investments in organisations we believe in (rather than being project-driven)
  • Support organisations at critical times of transition or development
  • Support organisations that are unable to rely on high profile fundraising
  • Support cross-sector work and collaborations

We have two funding areas. Our Thriving People and Places grants are about people and communities reaching their educational, social and economic potential and about working together to find better ways to confront persistent issues. Our Christianity grants focus on young people having positive experiences of Christianity.

Application process

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