GPO Box 1551
    SYDNEY NSW 2001

    Level 7
    99 Macquarie St

    For all enquiries: (02) 9291 2727

    Fax: (02) 9251 7285


    Latest Grants

    • Centre for Policy Development
      $600,000 for the Cities and Settlement Program - to enhance employment and settlement services for refugees.
    • Crusaders Union of Australia
      $3,000,000 as a matched funding incentive towards the redevelopment and expansion of the Crusaders’ Lake Macquarie camp site.
    • UNSW CHeBA
      $200,000 towards the Dementia Momentum.
    • Philanthropy Australia
      $75,000 to join Philanthropy Champions, an ambassadorial group of philanthropic leaders committed to enhancing the capacity of the philanthropic sector.
    • WeBelong Inc
      $45,000 towards the Jesus Club – a program providing support, training and resources for local churches to reach people with disabilities.