Our Story, Our People

Who is VFFF?

VFFF is a thriving family foundation, with family members spanning three generations active in our current work. Founded in 1962, we have distributed more than $200 million to Australian communities. Honouring our Founders’ legacy, we strive to play the most useful role we can, joining the efforts of so many working for a better Australia.

VFFF supports individuals and organisations that provide opportunities for young people to access decent work, to care for the environment, contribute to society and explore Christian faith and values. Our focus on Backing Young People aligns with our history, values and grantmaking experience. We aim that 60% of our funds support rural and regional young people.

We fund work in NSW, QLD and at a national level across our grantmaking focus areas:

Decent Work:
Employer driven, innovative models for work that integrate learning to ensure young people gain the work and experience they need and value

Contributing to Society:
Increasing young people’s agency by building their capacity and opportunities to drive change on the issues that matter to them most

Caring for the Environment:
Real and lasting impact on young people’s lives through supporting them to participate in and lead environmental projects

Exploring Christian faith and values: Young people are able to make life choices informed by an understanding of Christian faith and values


In honouring our founders’ beliefs and intentions, VFFF seeks opportunities to benefit and care for Australians and our country.


Backing Young People with innovative opportunities that advance their independence, social purpose and future security.

"This action was taken on the basis that my children are well provided for, and hopefully, in their turn will contribute further assets to this Family pot of gratitude for all the benefits we have received since landing in Australia in 1838."

Vincent Fairfax,1973


"We want to be effective in our giving, leave an impression, a lasting legacy. We have to be strategic in our giving, we have to collaborate with others and take ownership of our learnings on what has and has not worked. Good philanthropy is leading by example, particularly as the new wealth of young entrepreneurs is increasing. Our role is also to encourage others to give."

Fairfax family member, 3rd generation

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