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Decent Work

Funding goal

Employer driven, innovative models for work that integrate learning to ensure young people gain the work and experience they need and value.

Funding outcomes

  • Increased employer engagement in work-based learning relevant to the needs of local industry
  • Increased entry level jobs for young people
  • Smoother transitions for young people from entry level jobs to decent, secure work

WHY ‘Decent Work’?

Young people share a desire for many of the same things their parents wanted: job security, permanent employment and pay that they can plan weekly expenses around. Having a decent job is crucial to the life chances and wellbeing of young people and they are currently experiencing significant employment challenges:

  • Youth unemployment is double the adult unemployment rate
  • 25% of 19 to 24-year-olds face significant challenges breaking into the labour market and the longer a young person takes to find work, the harder it becomes​
  • As a result of COVID-19, an additional 120,000 youth became not engaged in employment education or training (NEET)​
  • Persistently NEET teenagers are three to five times more likely to be persistently NEET adults​
  • There has been an accelerated decline in the availability of full-time entry-level jobs, including apprenticeships, especially over the last decade (and 40% of apprentices are not finishing their courses)
  • Young people are remaining in insecure and low paid work much longer than their parents and grandparents.

Employment programs can be described as building supply (focusing on improving the job readiness of jobseekers available to work) and/or building demand (focusing on employers and industries in creating roles in the labour market). VFFF focuses on the demand side of employment.

VFFF does not accept unsolicited applications. We are currently undertaking sector consultation to inform our Decent Work focus area. We will commence granting in this focus area in 2022.


“Human beings are in the main active purposeful creatures and they want to know what “to do” not what “not to do”. Give them a positive lead and they will follow it.”

Sir Vincent Fairfax
Address for the Country Women’s Association at the Opening of Summer Leadership School, Warwick QLD, January 1954.

Case Studies

White Box Enterprises

Our Impact White Box Enterprises White Box Enterprises has a bold vision – a thriving jobs-focused social enterprise sector that creates secure, long-term employment for the most vulnerable people in our communities. To achieve this, they have big goals – creating 5000 jobs for young job seekers by 2030 and transforming Australia’s youth employment system…
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Current Grants

White Box Enterprises – Job creation in youth focused social enterprises
Project Etico – Hotel Etico training and employment program for young people with an intellectual disability

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