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Ethical Development Program

VFFF has a long standing interest in ethics and initiatives that equip people with the knowledge, skills and conviction to make considered decisions. In 2016 the Ethical Development Working Group used a Theory of Change framework to set an ambitious goal: Young teenagers use communications technology ethically. In 2017, VFFF set its sights on finding a way to meet this goal.

Today’s teenagers are the first generation to have grown up surrounded by digital technology, with more than 90% online every day. At its core, this work is about empowering young people to exercise good judgment online.

Evidence suggests this a is multi-faceted issue and multiple stakeholders have a role to play in supporting teenagers to make good decisions online – including technology and online communication companies, parents, educators, community organisations and government.

We have engaged the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) as the partner for this program. BIT has crafted a phased approach, commencing recently with research and consultation.  BIT will work with a consortium of organisations – including Google, ReachOut and Top Blokes Foundation – to identify promising interventions, build an evidence base about shifting ethical behaviour and produce prototypes for testing.

We are excited to see where this work takes us in 2018.

Latest Grants

  • The Behavioural insights Team
    $702,000 for the Ethical Development Program (CODE) Phase 3.
  • Documentary Australia Foundation
    $125,000 towards production costs of the BackTrack Boys documentary.
  • Generate Ministries
    Up to $100,000 in matched funding for schools in NSW to access the NSW Government's Student Wellbeing Support Program.
  • Logan Together
    $692,016 over three years towards core operations of the Logan Together team, an initiative to close the gap in rates of healthy child development in Logan, QLD.
  • The Girls and Boys Brigade
    $33,070 towards the employment of two consultants to review the Girls & Boys Brigade’s current service delivery model, financial plan and fundraising strategy.
  • Hoxton Park Anglican Church
    $20,000 towards the purchase of a minibus and trailer for transport of the local refugee community to access church activities and social services.
  • Sharing Stories Foundation
    $37,500 towards Paakantji language training in five schools across Western NSW.