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Our greatest delight is seeing the achievements of organisations, individuals and communities supported by VFFF grants. These case studies share the impact of some of our grantees’ inspiring work.

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The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust was established in 1912 by Eliza Hall in memory of her husband Walter Hall. The principle aim of the Trust is to assist individuals and families experiencing financial disadvantage.

Sugarvalley Neighbourhood Centre

Employment of a Grant Writer across 12 regional centres.


In 2011, VFFF set out to adopt a ‘strategic focus’ by supporting particular geographies through 'place-based philanthropy'.

Growing Lachlan

Growing Lachlan began in 2014 with a request from Lachlan Shire Interagency Groups for a dedicated resource to improve communication and collaboration between services, increase service uptake and influence government funding to address local needs.

Generate Ministries

Between 2016 and 2019, VFFF provided funding of $625,000 to Generate Ministries to help grow chaplaincy in NSW public schools.

Fair Education

The Fair Education Program was developed as a joint initiative of the VFFF Board and Fairfax family arising from a shared motivation to make a catalytic contribution towards educational equity in NSW.


The Fairfax family has a long standing interest in ethics and in 2016 a VFFF working group set an ambitious goal: Young teenagers use communications technology ethically.

Children and Prison Program

VFFF’s Children and Prison Program involves extensive cross-sector collaboration, advocacy and social innovation.

Centre for Policy Development

VFFF has demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting refugee and asylum seekers with more than $5M in related grants since 2005.

Children and Prison Program (CAPP) Dubbo

In 2013 the Dusseldorp Forum and the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation (VFFF) made a joint commitment to provide philanthropic support towards reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal children in the juvenile justice system in NSW.


Based in Armidale, BackTrack enables young people who have lost their way to reconnect with education, become work ready and secure employment.

Logan Together

$692,016 over three years in operational support for the Logan Together team.

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