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Australian Futures Project


to facilitate agriculture sector engagement to identify and design three actions or innovations to support the viability of agriculture in NSW.

Given philanthropy’s low profile in agriculture, VFFF worked proactively to source funding opportunities, including seeking people and approaches able to innovate in this area.

VFFF approached the Australian Futures Project about working with farmers and other agriculture stakeholders to achieve concrete outcomes that could contribute to ensuring the viability of the agriculture sector.

Australian Futures Project took up this challenge and proposed a process to bring together a diverse group of leaders, decisionmakers and other agriculture stakeholders through a series of workshops. Utilising a process that builds the will and skill of participants to take collaborative action, Actions for NSW Agriculture is a concerted intervention to achieve comprehensive progress on the issues that are challenging the viability of the sector.

Led by a Steering Committee of industry leaders, an outstanding cross-section of agriculture stakeholders has been selected following a public application process. From July 2015, this group identified, designed and tested tangible actions to contribute to a prosperous future for agriculture in NSW in three areas:

  • Foster a culture of innovation across the agricultural supply chain
  • Increase capital investment across the agricultural supply chain
  • Improve the level of community trust in the agriculture industry.

“Take 50 people with energy, drive and great ideas. Get them working together for 12 months and you’ll be amazed by the results.”

Executive Director Ralph Ashton, Founder and Director

Australian Futures Project
Australian Futures Project2


  • Thriving People and Places
  • Working together on new approaches
  • Capacity building
  • Rural and regional
  • Over $50K - $300K
  • 3 - 5 years

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