Our Impact

White Box Enterprises

White Box Enterprises has a bold vision - a thriving jobs-focused social enterprise sector that creates secure, long-term employment for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

To achieve this, they have big goals - creating 5000 jobs for young job seekers by 2030 and transforming Australia’s youth employment system via social enterprise.

The poor employment outcomes experienced by people facing the highest barriers to employment are well documented. There is a growing call for alternative approaches and employment-focused social enterprises are playing an increasingly important role in addressing the barriers to getting and keeping a job.

VFFF commenced discussions with White Box after their successful pilot phase established Hotel Housekeeping, Australian Spatial Analytics and Spring Services Group as new operating businesses. This early success led to them being presented with a growing number of opportunities to work with government, for-purpose and corporate partners.

Our discussions highlighted their big opportunities and their big challenge – they needed more in-house capacity to respond to the rapidly emerging pipeline of opportunities. Specifically, they needed access to property and commercial expertise to undertake robust suitability assessments of properties and develop the business cases needed to support the development and growth of jobs-focused enterprises.

With VFFF’s support over three years, White Box recruited a Commercial Analyst and a General Manager Property to accelerate their capacity to undertake high-quality assessments and respond to property-based projects.



  • Backing Young People
  • Decent Work
  • Capacity building
  • Metro
  • Over $1m
  • 3 - 5 years

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