Our Grants


The Christian faith was integral to Sir Vincent Fairfax; his faith underpinned his character, providing purpose, a robust ethical framework and his basis of care for others. He was actively involved in the Anglican Church throughout his life.

Honouring his beliefs, VFFF supports the work of Christian organisations, with a focus on young people. Our goal is to help young people make life choices informed by an understanding of Christian faith and belief.

Examples of grants made include:

For Sports Chaplaincy Australia to support the salary costs of the chaplaincy in junior sport Sydney netball pilot. ($49,483).

For The Crusader Union of Australia for the redevelopment of the Lake Macquarie Outdoor Recreation Centre to support young people grow their interest and participation in Christianity ($3,000,000 over two years).

For the Alpha Australia Youth Series to help young people explore and discuss the basics of the Christian faith in a church, youth group or school environment ($240,000 over three years).

Christianity grants diagram

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