VFFF announces new Backing the Future grants

Backing the Future grants will be awarded to individuals advancing VFFF's mission of Backing Young People. 

VFFF has a strategic goal to be a thriving, multi-generational family foundation. The Grants Committee was formed in 2012 to provide younger family members with the opportunity to participate in the grant making process for grants up to $50,000. Each year, these grants comprise around 10% of VFFF’s total granting and over the last decade, they have collectively produced excellent granting outcomes, distributing $6.1M via 173 grants.

Over the last six months a working group of family members from the third and fourth generations has considered options for the Committee’s future.

The working group agreed that the Grants Committee is a great way for family members to stay connected and to continue the legacy of VFFF’s Founders. They especially value:

  • Backing early stage ideas and complementing VFFF’s broader portfolio of grants: ‘The size of Grants Committee grants can go a long way in backing an early stage initiative. While the VFFF Board does large multi-year grants, the Grants Committee broadens VFFF’s reach.’
  • Family connection: ‘Communicating with the Grants Committee keeps everyone connected and opens the eyes of younger generations.’
  • The diverse mix of applications: The broad, diverse nature of applications is positive and provides valuable learning opportunities.’
  • The opportunity to meet inspiring people: ‘It is enjoyable to speak to people and hear their ideas, passion and enthusiasm’.
  • The opportunity to practice grant-making: ‘The Grants Committee is a learning ground for family members to step into, allowing them to learn about VFFF and understand granting processes.’

When considering future options, the working group was keen to take a bold step to support innovative work, to back young people and make use of the flexibility in granting that is available to VFFF.

We are excited to announce that from 2022-23, VFFF’s grants up to $50,000 will be awarded to individuals advancing our mission of Backing Young People. These Backing the Future Grants will support researching, piloting or accelerating early-stage ideas and will be available to individuals working in rural and regional NSW or Queensland, across VFFF’s four focus areas.

Grants will focus on work that supports rural and regional young people aged 14-25 years. Each year, they will include a New South Wales and Queensland grants round. It is envisaged that the first Backing the Future grants will open for NSW based individuals in August 2022.

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