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  • Cullunghutti Aboriginal Centre
    $507,350 over three years towards core operations of the Wellbeing Hub at Nowra East Public School, a coordinated access point for services to support students and families in Nowra.
  • Our Community Project
    $287,063 over three years to employ a Communications and Business Development Manager to support Green Connect's business growth and increase employment opportunities for refugees.
    $518,807 over three years for core operations support towards SCARF’s transition from a founder-led charity model to a social business.
  • St Andrews Cathedral
    $650,000 towards the redevelopment of St Andrews Cathedral Chapter House.
  • Rural Aid Australia
    $40,000 towards the Farm Rescue program in NSW, a program that coordinates skilled tradespeople and other volunteers to carry out key, small-scale infrastructure projects in regional areas.
  • Milton Ulladulla Men's Shed
    $50,000 towards the construction of a new shed
  • The Pyjama Foundation
    $45,000 to expand the Love of Learning program to Western Sydney, a program that provides reading tuition to children in foster care.

All organisations considering applying to VFFF are requested to read our guidelines and then contact us on (02) 9291 2727 before commencing an application.


VFFF considers requests in two areas:

VFFF has tried new ways of working through a number of strategic programs over the last six years.

We have learnt by investing our time and people as well as finances into this work – gaining insight from those working on the ground about how to better support community nous and need.