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  • The Australian Centre for Social Innovation
    $441,900 to develop a regional capability building model with the key people and initiatives VFFF works with in Lachlan Shire, Dubbo and Bourke.
  • Lower Lachlan Community Services
    $248,776 over two years to continue the Growing Lachlan initiative into implementation - driving action on addressing the community priorities identified in the Growing Lachlan research and consultation.
  • The Northcott Society
    $186,416 over three years of therapeutic support and staff capacity building to support up to 20 students at Jarjum College, Redfern.
  • Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre
    $48,250 towards IGNITE - A program for disengaged high school students in the Illawarra region that provides training and support for transitioning to the workforce or higher education.
  • Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal
    $20,000 to support applications from communities to implement the ideas developed by young people at the 2017 Heywire Regional Youth Summit.
  • Sugarvalley Neighbourhood Advancement Group
    $23,650 to employ a grant writer across a group of 12 Neighbourhood Centres in the Hunter, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area.

For requests over $50,000 VFFF has a two-step application process which begins with a preliminary enquiry followed by a formal submission which is by invitation only. For requests between $20,000 and $50,000 VFFF has a single step grant application process.


VFFF considers requests under four themes:

  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Christianity
  • Community Wellbeing

VFFF seeks to increase our impact and improve our philanthropic practice through a number of strategic initiatives.

These programs are ‘beyond funding’ opportunities in which the foundation can work closely with others and invest resources beyond the financial including its networks, time, expertise and voice towards achieving greater outcomes.