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  • Australian National University
    $300,000 over two years towards the Next Generation Farming Management and Biodiversity Project, to help farmers in rural Australia better manage the natural assets on their farms.
  • Australian Schools Plus
    $79,000 to establish a resource pool of school coaches to support the delivery of the Fair Education Program.
  • Refugee Advice & Casework Service
    $500,000 towards ensuring people seeking asylum in NSW under the 'fast track' process are able to lodge their applications for protection within the shortened deadline of the Australian Government.
  • Western Sydney University
    $336,892 over two years for the Bulundidi Gudaga Study - a research project to examine the effectiveness of an early childhood intervention program among Aboriginal children in south-western Sydney.
  • Blue Datto Foundation
    $20,000 towards the Keeping Safe program that provides emergency road safety education for regional New South Wales.
  • Sanctuary Australia
    $24,000 to cover rental expenses of the Sanctuary Centre, a community meeting space to support the settlement needs of refugees in Coffs Harbour.

For requests over $50,000 VFFF has a two-step application process which begins with a preliminary enquiry followed by a formal submission which is by invitation only. For requests between $20,000 and $50,000 VFFF has a single step grant application process.


VFFF considers requests under four themes:

  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Christianity
  • Community Wellbeing

VFFF seeks to increase our impact and improve our philanthropic practice through a number of strategic initiatives.

These programs are ‘beyond funding’ opportunities in which the foundation can work closely with others and invest resources beyond the financial including its networks, time, expertise and voice towards achieving greater outcomes.