Announcement: VFFF Backing the Future QLD grant recipients

The Backing the Future grants program supports young people aged 15-24 in rural and regional NSW and QLD. Backing the Future grants award $50,000 over 12 months to individuals and groups of individuals whose work is focused on rural and regional young people across one or more of VFFF's four focus areas: Decent Work, Caring for the Environment, Contributing to Society and Exploring Christian Faith and Values.

The second round of VFFF’s Backing the Future grants opened in February 2023, for individuals based in QLD. Applicants were required to submit a written and video application outlining their idea to support young people. These applications were shortlisted by VFFF’s Youth Advisory Group to help ensure the voices of rural and regional young people were included in our granting process for Backing the Future.

In May 2023, ten outstanding applicants were selected as the second Backing the Future cohort. Below is a brief summary of their early stage ideas to support rural and regional young people.

The third round of applications from individuals and groups of individuals in NSW are currently being assessed. VFFF is looking forward to sharing the work of the selected NSW cohort later this year. To find out more about this grants program, click here.


Cilla Pershouse: Theatre mentorship and showcase program 

Supporting young people impacted by flood events in the Wide Bay-Burnett Regions to develop and perform a new theatre work celebrating the community’s resilience.


Elisha Taderera: Home of Champions

Providing mentorship and skill development opportunities for young people in the Wide Bay region.



Jameson Harvey: Red Dirt Robotics

Touring regional and remote Queensland to bridge the gap in STEM knowledge between rural and metropolitan young people.


Joanne Walters: On Country Young Entrepreneurs

Supporting Aboriginal young people in Yarrabah to learn entrepreneurial and employment skills to prepare them for the future of work. 


Lala Gutchen: The Erub Mer Digital Language and Culture Initiative

Deepening the knowledge and use of the Erub language amongst local young people through storytelling, drama and fieldwork.


Mason Black: The Betterment Cause

Touring rural and regional Queensland, visiting schools and communities to challenge inappropriate behaviours and cultural misogyny in young men.


Murray Hancock: Dialogues @ School ("D@S")

Supporting schools to run a non-competitive annual dialogue event, providing students with an opportunity to blend social and critical thinking skills.


Priscilla Jaya: The Faithful Foundation of Legacy Leaders

Providing a safe environment for young people to explore their faith and develop Christian leadership skills in the Fraser Coast region.


Rizina Yadav: Young Women's Policy Submission

Developing a policy submission on how to improve the life outcomes of young women in Australia, with a particular focus on those living in rural and regional Queensland.


Sarah Chapman: STEM Changemakers

Connecting young people in Townsville and surrounding areas with STEM experts, enabling them to learn new skills and utilise STEM to address community issues.

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