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The Crusader Union of Australia


as a matched funding incentive towards the redevelopment and expansion of the Crusader’s Lake Macquarie camp site.

Established in 1930, The Crusader Union of Australia is an interdenominational Christian organisation with a long history of connecting young people with Christianity through camps and school ministries.

Serving 185 schools in NSW and the ACT predominantly through their camp sites at Lake Macquarie and Galston, an estimated 13,000 students attend Crusader’s camps annually.

In late 2017, VFFF was approached by Crusaders to support the redevelopment of their Lake Macquarie camp site, the final piece of the puzzle to complete their long term strategic goal of achieving organisational self sufficiency.

The redevelopment would see the Lake Macquarie site expand from 120 beds to 308, with upgraded facilities to better cater for the growing demand of school cohorts.

Encouraged by their comprehensive and sophisticated fundraising strategy, VFFF carefully considered the most useful funding structure that would incentivise Crusaders and other donors to help reach the ambitious target of $19 million for the first stage of construction.

Working closely with Gary Hill, Anna Wood and Nigel Glasby, VFFF developed a combined granting and investment package suitable to both organisations. VFFF’s matched funding is a key contribution to this initiative, and this support has been instrumental in Crusaders successfully accelerating their fundraising campaign for the redevelopment.

"VFFF’s visionary leadership has made it possible for Crusaders to proceed with plans to provide a life-changing camping experience to over 1 million young people, whilst simultaneously generating a sustainable revenue source for the organisation. By matching donations VFFF motivated our supporters to dig deep so that the redevelopment could go ahead and young people be reached with the hope of the Christian message."

Gary Hill, Executive Director



  • Backing Young People
  • Exploring Christian Faith & Values
  • Capacity building
  • Over $1m
  • 3 - 5 years

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