Our Impact

Generate Ministries

Between 2016 and 2019, VFFF provided funding of $625,000 to Generate Ministries to help grow chaplaincy in NSW public schools.

The first VFFF grant funded regional support personnel for three years. The second grant was a one-off contribution to leverage stronger outcomes for schools from the NSW Government Student Wellbeing Support Program. The two VFFF grants over a four year period provided Generate with support during a critical period of consolidation for school chaplaincy and helped Generate deliver significant growth in its school chaplaincy work.

Working closely during the first grant allowed both organisations to recognise the subsequent opportunity to leverage the State Government funding program and as a result realise benefits for school children.

School chaplaincy is an area that attracts public and media attention. VFFF funding towards this well aligned youth focused activity was thoughtfully allocated to an entity with solid processes and systems – critical to managing key risks and public perception. Four years on, the national position for school chaplaincy is stronger with Federal Government funding for chaplaincy now confirmed.

Following the VFFF grant period, Generate commenced its transition to becoming a business unit of Scripture Union Queensland, Australia’s largest children’s ministry with a highly successful chaplaincy model. This will assist Generate to expand its ministry and mission and support more students.

Chaplaincy supported schools


  • Christianity
  • Christianity
  • Capacity building
  • $300K - $1m
  • 3 - 5 years

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